Project Overview



– Obtain one or more fully electric BMW MINI Cooper vehicles for use in your organization’s fleet at a cost comparable to your other vehicle leases.

V2G Participant

– By leasing one or more of these vehicles, your Company will be participating in a first in the world field test of “Vehicle-To-Grid” technology. Your company will be a part of other blue-chip organizations in the greater Philadelphia area to pioneer an important new clean energy technology. Organizations include NRG Energy, BMW, the University of Delaware (UD), and PJM (the entity that operates the electricity grid in 13 eastern states).


Over the past decade, the University of Delaware has pioneered a promising new technology called Vehicle-To-Grid. The concept is based on the use of batteries in electric vehicles to:

1. Provide energy for driving the vehicle.

2. Serve as an important new energy storage resource for the electricity grid.

The University of Delaware’s work was validated in September 2011, when NRG Energy, Inc, a $9 billion/year energy company based in Princeton, NJ, signed a joint venture agreement with UD to form a new company called eV2g. eV2g’s goal is to commercialize the University’s vehicle aggregation software. The software has the capabilities of electronically combining many different vehicle batteries that are housed in different locations and present them as a standalone single energy storage plant. These batteries provide PJM with a service called frequency regulation, which helps the grid operator make small adjustments to overall electricity supply and demand.


A pilot study was successfully conducted by the University of Delaware in 2008, using seven vehicles connected with PJM. Starting in fall 2012, eV2g is expanding the University’s original pilot project to including several dozen vehicles with enough combined energy storage to officially qualify as a power plant with PJM. This will be the first time in the world that electric vehicles will be connected to a power grid with the opportunity to earn revenues.

In order to fully test the viability of the technology, it is important to see how vehicles perform in real-world conditions.


BMW has recently completed its successful 2 year U.S. field trial of the all electric MINI E. Based on BMW’s interest in the promise of vehicle to grid technology, they have donated several dozen of these vehicles to this demonstration project. These vehicles have operated for 2 years, but BMW has fully reconditioned them, including outfitting them with new batteries.

Specific Opportunity

BMW has partnered with NRG and AutoPort, Inc.. AutoPort, Inc. is a New Castle, DE based company that has handled, processed and modified over 2 million vehicles in its 30 years in business. AutoPort, Inc. is making the necessary modification to make these vehicles available for the project, and to ensure top-notch maintenance support. AutoPort’s existing staff is being overseen by Level 4 certified BMW trained technicians.

The details of the 2 year lease are:

• $400/month per vehicle for a limited number of first leases.

• A fully reconditioned BMW MINI E with a new battery pack capable of traveling approximately 100 miles on each charge.

• One “Level 2” charging station for each leased vehicle. The charging station will be capable of charging at a rate of approximately 30 miles of range per hour.

• Access to BMW-trained service technicians for any necessary repair work.

• Significant PR-value (based on your interest) to participating in a high profile, clean-energy focused technology demonstration.